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Sazwon.com plays predominately Korean Pop Music with sprinklings of American Pop, Vietnamese Pop, other Asian Pop and Pop Music from other countries around the world that hit my groove zone.   My musical tastes range far and wide, this is why i love KPop so much, you can find three, four, sometimes more genres in a single song.  Amazing music.  The stream now has over 1,280 songs.  That's over 3 days of commercial free  music.  You probably wouldn't hear the same song for 3 days.  Sazwon is not a top 40 station, but is designed more to give new listeners a trip down the kpop modern and memory lanes.  Though most of the music in stream is from 2010 to present day you will find sprinklings all the way back to 1992. 

Look for us on Tunein.com search Sazwon and please give us a favorite :) or just use the player above.  Hope you enjoy as much as i do :)

The Vision

My Hope is to find others across the globe that share my enthusiasm for KPop or World Pop in general who can give me suggestions to add to the stream.  

The History of Sazwon

I knew nothing about KPop.  My eyes were opened in 2014 when I was searching YouTube for something I can't remember what when i came across Gee by Girls Generation, watched the video and was totally blown away.  Was I initially drawn in by the cuteness of the girls... of course I was :)  The Gee video had some other suggestions that lead me to Shinee... I was losing my mind at this point then came Super Junior and i was done... I was hooked.  I couldn't get enough.  So today I'm KPoppin every day, scouring YouTube for songs that sail right into my wheelhouse, but i know I'm still missing a lot.  Hopefully someone can point me to songs i've missed from the past or present and I'll add them to the stream :)  Monsta X is my favorite group, however i have lots of love for BTS, Up10tion, ONF, Twice, Black Pink, Seventeen, NCT 127, GOT7, LOONA, Block B, Crush, Jeebanoff, OffOnOff, BigBang... honestly the list goes on infintely.  


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